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    Favourite cards and their meanings

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    Favourite cards and their meanings Empty Favourite cards and their meanings

    Post  Şpiяit Җ Ŵołf on Mon Aug 16, 2010 12:16 pm

    When I read cards, each and every reading is like a story (which I'm presuming is the same for you). I have been reading for a long time and at certain phases more intensely than others.. ranging from once a month to several times a day or equally not at all during others. But for the past few months I have gotten into them quite intensely and thus they have an added quality to them now, where reading them has truly fused with myself in a way and reading has truly become second nature. Thus, I am not really aware of the techniques I use anymore. They tell a story that is so clear and obvious to me, be they positive, negative or a combination of the two. Occasionally I can even tell beforehand if a certain card is going to come up and am (until now) mostly right.

    I find the same counts for doing readings for others. Esp. if my heart is there for that person, even if they're a stranger or we just met. If my heart is in it, which I suppose it always is, then if the reader is not happy with the reading, I can only assume that that's because they are personally not really in tune with themselves or with me. This is why I find it difficult to do readings to complete strangers over the internet whom I have never met. Yet readings to those I know or have just met in person (even for just a short time) blow my mind every time. And that ever since I started reading for others.

    Perhaps I should use this opportunity to mention a few cards I feel closest to or that have come up most in my readings for myself. These would be

    ~Swiftness (I used to get that so much whilst in England)
    ~Daughter of Stones in the East ~ Radha (very creative, loving life etc.)
    ~Spider Woman (Mother of Stones in the West, I see as the connections of life and thoughts, a complex map of the mind/soul if you like)

    These are the ones that spring to mind immediately.

    What are your favourite cards? What do they mean traditionally and/or to you?


    Şpiяit Җ Ŵołf

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