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    ~~~ * Angel Readings * ~~~ Empty ~~~ * Angel Readings * ~~~

    Post  Şpiяit Җ Ŵołf on Sun Sep 26, 2010 1:56 am

    I would like to do angel readings for this site from time to time and welcome you to join me.

    Feel free, there are no rules bounce

    Well, what the cards are saying is to call upon Krishna and Avalokitesvara. Krishna is here to show you that even in a confusing or tense situation (which may have marked the beginning of this website), one should see the blissing in this situation (equally refering to any other such situation you may find yourself in currently). Krishna is here to help you see this positivity in what does not seem too optimistic otherwise or is simply grim and difficult.

    You should call upon Avolakitesvara to see other people's points of view to help you through this time and also here on the site ~ i.e. don't merely post and be enthusiastic about that and perhaps also others' entries, but really see the others' points of view and try to identify with them i.e. put yourself in their shoes, skin etc.

    You as a whole, have already entered the higher dimension of angels and spirits. You find yourself among the brotherhood of angels already, in their domain, the angel realm if you like. There are others here on this site or in your lives otherwise, who have already been through what you are still hoping to or feel you might be able to and are striving for as you have already seen a part of the light ~ and they (mostly one for each of you) are here to guide you ~ accept this ~ it may lead you on a path or to an awareness of yourself that you never thought possible. This may refer to a person, by more so even to the angels and esp. your spirit guide. You shall find help here to find and contact your spirit guide, become aware of him and her and take on their guidance, let them guide you as they've always been with you eventhough you may have been unaware of them.

    The question I asked here, as you may have noticed, was how this site will develop in the near future ~ yet it can equally refer to you within your own indivial life paths.

    Blessings and Namasteji to you all farao

    Şpiяit Җ Ŵołf

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