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    Colors of the Chakra


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    Colors of the Chakra Empty Colors of the Chakra

    Post  Lady_Kara on Fri Oct 08, 2010 7:15 pm

    I have had a reading on my Chakras done when I was so out of balance that nothing seemed to go right. Crying or Very sad Now I try at least every week or not more to make sure my Chakras are in alignment. I have found that when I go into a meditation and check my chakras that now when I do this, if there is a problem such as one closed off or one wide open the color either will not show up or will jump out at me. I know know just by the color or lack of it that that is where I need to work. How do any of you work with the colors of your chakras? And do you get the same type of response when aligning them or just checking on them. Question Let me know, Bright Blessings, Lady Kara

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