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    Clear Quartz and its uses


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    Clear Quartz and its uses Empty Clear Quartz and its uses

    Post  Lady_Kara on Fri Oct 08, 2010 7:58 pm

    Clear Quartz is a very useful stone for around the house, or to wear on your body. It holds a spell or blessing quite well and for a long time. You can take either a quartz point or a polished piece of clear quartz and bless it with a protection blessing and it will hold it for sometimes up to years aqs long as it is placed in he sun to be recharged now and then. It can then be given as a gift to a friend or relative as a source of protection.
    You can also do the thing with points and place them at your windows and doors to keep evil or negativity from coming in. In the windows, unless that window get no sun, you do not need to recharge the energy in them. But you should check the blessing on them now and again to see if it needs to be renewed. Some crystals if under attack constantly will actually start t darken in the center. But don't worry if that happens, just rebless them and it should clear the crystal up.
    Clear quartz can also be used as a battery as I like to call it. It can hold extra energy for you to use if you are not in a position to call up power and you need some to work with. I do tis by blessing the crystal or stone and asking it to store up energy for my use. Then I leave it out in both the sun and under the moon, full moon is best, and check it the next morning. You should leave it in a small protected circle while doing this to protect it. When you pick it up and hold it in your receptive hand you should be able to feel the vibration of the power within it. Again it will need to be cleansed and reblessed now and again as it is used, because it can pick up negative energy when it is used and not recharged, You can recharge it by placing back in the sunlight for a few hours to overnight depending on how low you use up the power held in it. If you have any questions about this please feel free to send me a message.
    Bright Blessings, Lady Kara I love you

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