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    ~*Elements of Fae*~


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    ~*Elements of Fae*~ Empty ~*Elements of Fae*~

    Post  CelticRose on Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:14 am


    Im going to talk a little about the different types of Fae elements and how to work with them into your life and workings.
    We are each assigned a Fae element. Earth, Water, Fyre and Air. Some of us connect better with one element...but we really should get to know and work with all the elements. We can work with all...or mayhaps just one. Learning to recognize Fae in each element can help us attain better knowledge of ourselves and the universe and how we are all connected spiritualy and physically.

    ~*Earth Elementals*~

    These earth fairys often take on different shapes but are 'earthy' in nature. They often look like gnomes or leprachauns or elves. They very in shape and size. They are alive. They live in trees, mounds made in the ground, caves/taverns or even fields. They are a working class. Simular to Disneys Fairy Tinker Bell. They color the flowers, plants, the leaves and rocks. They make minerals and rocks. They are beings of master craftsmanship. They work and maintain the physical structure of earth. They give energy to these items and so every tree, plant, flower and rock has something to teach us.

    Working with the earth elemental helps us with our physical senses in the physical world. They are effected by what we do. If we abuse our bodies..we abuse the earth elemental assigned to us. They teach us about practicality and caution. They help open oppertunities of success. They can reveal the treasures of the earth. They can also restore joy in mundane activities. They can teach us to control and use the earths forces..like weather and also the forces within ourselves.

    ~*Water Elementals*~

    Wherever there is water, there is a water elemental. Rivers, oceans, ponds, streams etc. They are also subject to mortality. They take the form of water sprites and mermaids. Their energy is of creation, birth, intuition and creativity. They make thier presence known in dreams of water and sensuality. They are dependant upon our growth. Again, if we abuse our bodies..we abuse them. They evolve as we do.

    They help with intuition. They help in awakening our psychic sense and our emotional senses. They help with our creative sides, like artwork. They can help us to master our dream activity and astral projection. They help us with healing and working with auras. We can learn to be more nurturing. They can also stimulate our romantic and artistic nature.

    ~*Fyre Elementals*~
    These elementals are found everywhere. When fire is lit..they are there. They live underground, in volcanoes and also within us. They mostly live in higher astral levels. (unlike the earth and water elemental) However, they can be found in flames, smoke, light rays and also lightning. They dance within the flames of fire. They are not bound by our mortality..they are astral beings and free flowing. They work with humans with heat, fire and and also stimulate powerful emotional currents. They help us destroy and create life. They are powerful spiritual beings and highly intellegent! They are drawn to music. Anyone who is a poet or works with music..often works with some form of a Fyre Elemental. They are also often drawn to sexulaity...and passion. (The heat of the moment...the passionate flames of love)

    When working with Fyre Elementals, they help awaken our spirituality and faith. They work to maintain our spiritual bodies and essence. They help us in developing mysticism and are present when we perform rituals. They hold the keys to lessons of afterlife and mysteries. They help instill inspiration. They help us in using alchemy. They help us with laws of cause and effect. They teach us the true power of sexual energy and how to work with it.

    ~*Air Elementals*~

    Air is essential to life. Its an active creative element much like Fyre. The air elementals live between heavan and earth. They are ethreal beings. They are said to be inbetween human and angelic form. They can take form of butterflies, birds, clouds and even dust devils and tornadoes. They often assist us as a Guardian. They vary in shape and size. They can take form of the tiniest Sylph to the strongest hurricane wind. They can control weather. They work to protect the atmosphere. Like the Fyre elementals, they are free flowing astral beings. They are often found where healing is about to occur. They have a close spiritual relationship with humans and often act as guardians or guides. They communicate with us in thought and therefore, hear our thoughts. They are drawn to music and song. They are drawn to poetry. Whistleing or breath instruments such a flutes attract them. They reveal themselves through finding feathers or a soft breeze or hints of fragrences in the air.

    They help us with healing our pain and sufferring. They help us in developing clairaudiance and telepathy. They help us with great healing and wisdom. They help us with languages, including speaking to animals. They help us with higher intuition. They teach us harmony. They help with intuition and inventivness.

    We can learn alot from Fae..if we know where to find them and how to listen and commune with them..they have much to teach us!! [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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