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    Post  Admin on Mon Aug 02, 2010 5:44 am

    I am 6th generation psychic, living in the English countryside. I am an intuitive psychic who talks with the Fae. flower

    I am a self-taught intuitive tarot reader and I am able to hear messages from the fae and communicate with them, they say I walk with one foot in their realm. I have fully accepted and opened myself up to the spiritual side of my nature (my great-grandmother was a very powerful spiritual medium) and I am skilled intuitive psychic.

    I am lucky enough to be 6th generation psychic, with this having been passed through my maternal line. Nature is now a big part of my life and I currently enjoy living in a beautiful rural setting, it is remote enough that if you blink you would miss it! The peace and solitude help me with my work and the proximity to the laylines means the energy here is amazing.

    My skills are clairaudience, claircognisance and the ability to intuitively work the tarot and pendlums. I am able to link into reiki energy colour healing which I use in my jewellery design - all of which is blessed by the fae. I have also been given the gift of writing and am able to write powerful affirmations/meditations and spells to help in many aspects of modern life.

    • Tarot
      Colour healing
      Gemstone / crystal healing properties

    Skills and Techniques:
    • Tarot - intuitive reading
      Spirituality - advice and guidance
      Fae - communication and blessings
      Blessings - fae, lightworker & cosmic light beings
      Visualisations - positive moves forwards to support you
      Reiki - colour and energy links to help you
      Chakra - jewellery designed to support the reiki energy and chakras
      Jewellery - using gemstone, crystals, colour and reiki chakra energy to help you. Always cleansed, energised and blessed before mailing

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    Post  Mluvbears on Thu Aug 05, 2010 11:55 am

    I am, as I call myself, a student of higher learning. I am just beginning to reach a higher level. My beliefs have been keeping me grounded. I am always listening and reading to open myself up to whatever the universe has to offer.
    I am a wife, mother of 6, grandmother of 4 and a friend to everyone.
    Thank you for letting me share this.

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